13 December 2015

“Results of breast reduction are excellent”

“Excellent from start to finish. I had a bilateral breast reduction. Very hard job as my breast were extremely large and not symetrical. The operation took an extra two hours.

Despite that the results so far are excellent.


I recommend Dr Ananda who takes time to talk to you really cares not in a rush and gives you the best service and ensures great results. I chose this hospital because it is Close to my home and very good value for money.

Also better value for money compared to both UAE and Thailand which I had checked out first.”


30th November 2015


“It’s been almost a month since I underwent a breast reduction surgery.

I can say I am absolutely amazed at my results. Before the surgery I was in a lot of doubt and what I was about to do but Dr Ananda was there to rectify all my doubts and left no questions unanswered. I can say that he is indeed an expert in his field and was there to inform me on everything I needed to know.

Post-surgery, Dr Ananda made sure to check up on me about how my healing process was going and all the following check-ups went very well as well. My wounds are almost fully healed and in the process of fading.

I will definitely recommend Dr Ananda to anyone who wants to do any sort of plastic surgery without a second thought.

Thank you so much Dr Ananda for providing me the results that I wanted.”