EPS, AUSTRALIA                             4-11-2016

“I highly recommend Dr Ananda he is one step ahead of other surgeons”

Treatment Received:


Tummy Tuck


“For those who are considering a tummy tuck and liposuction. It was important to find a surgery that ticks all the boxes, because it is your health we are talking about after all.

I live Australia and my research to find surgeon that also users body jet( WAL). .

To get rid of the weight and fat that hangs off stomach and back.

Dr Ananda is a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon as well as Reconstructive Aesthetic & surgeon with excellent communication understanding the result you are looking for. He is an open and a honest man .

Dr Ananda sculptured my back fat using the lipo body jet as well as a tummy tuck so it is all in proportion . This Doctor is a Perfectionist in his work and with his outstanding care he as delivered a result that I wanted and more he has give me a new lease of life with my new body look and look so trim slim where he has operated.

While in the hospital Dr Ananda and his lovely assistant and nurses took care of all my needs.

Visiting me everyday , These people go beyond there call of service it is that care factor they have given to me and even returning back to Australia he emails to see how I am going .

I have showed my Gp on returning back home and she is amazed the skilled work he has done best job she has ever seen now that saying something. .

My recovery has been good and easy for a women in here 50’s .

Go with a positive mind, give yourself to heal to get the best result .

I highly recommend Dr Ananda he is one step a head of other surgeons.”


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