AquaLipo & Body-Jet Review: How Water-Assisted Liposuction Works

Today’s abundance of effective liposuction surgery techniques has given body sculpting patients much to consider. Water Assisted Liposuction (WAL), also known by the brand names AquaLipo® and Body-Jet Liposuction®, is one of the newest lipo procedures to join the ranks— and it offers a brand new way to turn heads and whittle thighs!

First invented and used in European markets, where the technique is still popular, Body-Jet liposuction debuted in the U.S. in 2008, and AquaLipo shortly thereafter. But exactly how does water assisted liposuction work? What are the benefits to using AquaLipo or Body-Jet liposuction over another established type of liposuction? Read on to find out!

How Does Aqua Liposuction Work?

Like most liposuction techniques, AquaLipo and Body-Jet liposuction use tumescent fluid injections (not required) prior to treatment, and apply suction cannula tubes during treatment. However, unlike traditional tumescent liposuction— where all fluids and forms of anesthesia are administered prior to surgery— water liposuction disperses anesthetic fluid continuously throughout the procedure.

Body-Jet uses a customized water/lidocaine/epinephrine solution, which infiltrates targeted fat tissue through an inner cannula tube. This special fluid solution is introduced as a pressurized “jet” stream during liposuction surgery, and serves two main functions: to anesthetize tissue, and to break up unwanted fat for easy removal.

While the inner cannula disperses the fluid solution, the outer cannula simultaneously suctions away excess fluid and fat cells. Earlier Body-Jet systems may use separate cannulas to achieve this same effect.

What are the Benefits of Aqua Lipo / Body-Jet Liposuction?

Some practitioners claim that water jet liposuction can create less tissue trauma and less nerve damagecompared with other liposuction techniques; mainly because aqua liposuction’s fluid jet system dislodges and removes fat in a gentler, more precise manner.

Allegedly, AquaLipo and Body-Jet can also be performed in a shorter time frame than standard liposuction. Since AquaLipo requires little to no administrations of tumescent injections and/or general anesthesia prior to liposuction, the overall procedure time is decreased as well.

Water-assisted liposuction can be successfully performed with local anesthesia. While regional or general anesthesia is not required for AquaLipo or Body-Jet, it may be used at the patient’s or surgeon’s insistence.

All liposuction surgeries will produce a minor amount of swelling, tenderness and bruising post procedure. However, AquaLipo and Body-Jet liposuction’s minimally disruptive water jet technique has been said to provide reduced recovery times for patients in comparison to standard liposuction.

Aqua Liposuction Risks and Side Effects

There will always be risks involved with liposuction surgery. However, water based liposuction risks and side effects are fairly minimal compared to some older lipo methods. General risks and side effects of AquaLipo and Body-Jet include:

  • Swelling or Edema
  • Tenderness
  • Numbness
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Infection
  • Contour irregularities

The odds of succumbing to water liposuction side effects will increase if the patient is a poor candidate for liposuction; if they don’t follow their plastic surgeon’s pre and post-op instructions; if they are taking certain blood-thinning medications; or if they have serious existing medical conditions.

The best way to prevent Body-Jet or AquaLipo side effects and risks is to appoint a qualified, board-certified professional to perform your liposuction surgery. Prospective patients should also adhere to all necessary precautions prior to water jet liposuction surgery, and during the liposuction recovery period.

Is AquaLipo or Body-Jet Liposuction Right for Me?

According to the official Body-Jet procedure website, “the ideal candidate for Body-Jet liposuction is in good health and not more than 25 pounds overweight”. It’s believed that patients with localized, exercise-resistant fat deposits will experience the best results. The same goes for patients interested in AquaLipo, which has gained considerable attention of late after a segment on the Dr. Oz Show.

Water-assisted liposuction can remove unwanted fat on the thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, knees, jowls and arms. Patients who seek body sculpting and fat removal surgery for these key areas may be candidates for aqua liposuction.

Furthermore, water lipo can be effectively combined with fat transfers for breast enhancement, facial rejuvenation or buttock enhancement!

For more information about AquaLipo and Body-Jet, or to ascertain whether water assisted liposuction is or isn’t right for you, we suggest you consult with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. They will have the knowledge and the resources to assist you further in your aqua liposuction goals and queries.


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