The Top 5 Cosmetic Surgery Trends Loved by Millennials

Counting down the most popular cosmetic surgeries for millennials

#5: Breast Lift

When most patients think breast surgery, they think augmentation. But for many Millennials, especially those in their 30s, it isn’t the size of their breasts that is the issue; they’re often beginning to experience sagging or loss of perkiness of their breasts.

For those Millennials, a breast lift is the procedure of choice, with 35,336 cases (nearly 22% of the procedural total) performed in the US in 2016.

#4: Tummy Tuck

As more and more Millennial women have children of their own, the tummy tuck is becoming one of their favorite procedures. Additionally, for this generation that has been constantly bombarded by images of perfect bodies in media since they were children, the option of a tummy tuck can be very attractive.

Tummy tucks come in just slightly ahead of breast lifts, with 35,598 procedures performed on Millennials (about 20% of all tummy tucks) in the US in 2016.

#3: Nose Surgery

A popular surgical procedure for decades, Millennials have also wholeheartedly embraced it. Their fondness for social media means that they regularly see their own images from different angles. Also, plastic surgery itself is much more socially acceptable among this generation. 

Coming in third, 71,007 rhinoplasties (nose surgeries) were performed on Millennials in the US in 2016, an incredible 48% of all rhinoplasties. Worldwide, that percentage is even greater – Millennials accounted for 65.3% (513,500) of all rhinoplasties.

#2: Liposuction

This remains a perennial favorite surgery, for every generation, and Millennials are no exception. In fact, it may be more desirable for them than for their forebears. According to a study by York University in Toronto, it may in fact be more difficult for those in the Millennial generation to lose weight than it was for previous generations, stating that “weight management is actually much more complex than just ‘energy in’ versus ‘energy out’,” and that “ultimately, maintaining a healthy body weight is now more challenging than ever.”

Millennials accounted for about 22% (108,443) of all liposuction procedures in 2016 in the US, and worldwide for about 45% (659,671).

#1: Breast Augmentation

For ISAPS plastic surgeons, the number one cosmetic surgery procedure beloved by Millennials probably isn’t a big surprise. In 2016, 47.5% of all breast augmentation procedures (147,570) in the US were performed for Millennials. Worldwide, 659,671 Millennials had breast augmentations, or 45.4% of the procedural total.

Breast augmentation has always been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, in every generation. But the rise of new options like “Gummy Bear” implants and fat transfer appeal especially to Millennials, who are extremely mindful of natural-looking and -feeling results.

Other interesting results found in the ISAPS Global Statistics of 2016 might give us a sneak peek at the next generation after Millennials. 13.4% of breast augmentation procedures performed worldwide in 2016 were on women 17 years or younger. This number varies depending on the country (In Brazil, it’s 34.7%, in the US, it’s only 6.2%). Although the primary reason (37.4%) these procedures were performed was purely cosmetic, it wasn’t the only motive. Other reasons include severe asymmetry (17.6%), tubular breast (18.3%), and congenital absence breast (i.e. Poland’s syndrome) (11%).

Millennials, despite much demonization, are really not much different in their desires than other generations. Procedures such as rhinoplasty, liposuction and breast augmentation are as popular as ever, and will likely continue to be in the future.


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