Sigrid, Holland.

Treatment : Liposuction & Tummy Tuck

After years of telling myself that I should not have an operation as I am healthy and should be glad and appreciating that my body was able to carry and deliver three lovely kids, I did take the step to consult Dr. Ananda. And boy, how glad I am today that I did. For years, I hated my tummy, always adjusting when sitting and standing, buying underwear and clothes that cover and hide the `bumb`. No, I am not a particular person who is obsessed with beauty, actually the opposite, but I am a sporty person and did not look like it. The last two years I started to add weight like crazy and I just lost any interest in looking after myself. However, since the operation now seven weeks ago I feel fantastic I walk every day and lost already 18 pounds and I look the way I use to look before my children, no tummy anymore that hangs and flubber, but a nice flat and beautiful shaped one. Yes, I am looking after my diet and I sure exercise but that I did before as well without results and now with results which is extremely motivating. I thank therefore Dr. Ananda and his team for the great results, care, support and encouragement and wish anyone who decides to do the operation the same quick recovery and nice results as I did have.

Kindly, Sigrid.



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