Cleft Lip Surgery and the Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgery is about changing people’s appearances.

Contrary to popular belief , it is not only about cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgeons are well trained in reconstructive surgery, burns, microsurgery, cleft repair surgery and many more.

Cleft lip and palate repair is the most rewarding surgery for the plastic surgeon.

Words may not be able to express the joy and satisfaction a plastic surgeon gets from doing a cleft lip and palate surgery for a child.

Being able to observe the child’s growth and smile and being able to appreciate the advance in science and techniques of cleft lip palate surgery and its outcome is priceless.

The joy in the parents faces seeing their child grow up like a normal child after the surgery is priceless.

Observing these changes in the cleft lip patient is very rewarding to the plastic surgeon.

It brings a sense of satisfaction and contentment to the plastic surgeon to see these children grow up , speak and emerge into successful netizens and not being isolated and neglected by society just because of their appearances.

I sincerely thank all my mentors and colleagues who have helped me achieve these results which i am proud of today.

This custom made greeting card was presented to me by one of my cleft lip patient’s parents and shows the immense joy and appreciation they have achieved after seeing their child transform gradually to a near normal child after being born with cleft lip and palate.

Cleft Lip greeting card 1cleft lip greeting card 2


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