18 July 2018

Treatment: Breast Implants

Happy Soul, Kuala Lumpur.


I had my Breast Augmentation 600cc – (Round Moderate Plus Profile) placed under the muscle 10 months ago. I actually waited to see the result before writing my review. All I can say is that the result is excellent, scars are barely visible and it looks very natural and I absolutely love it.

Dr. Ananda, is very skillful and highly professional. To be honest, I’ve had several consultations with other plastic surgeons, but Dr. Ananda was quite simply the best. He explained the procedures clearly, taking his time to ensure that I understood what I was getting myself into. I was very comfortable at the end of my first consultation. He also gave genuine advice which helped me to make the right decision. I felt very confident and was pleased that I’ve made the right choice by selecting Dr. Ananda.

The process of the admission was very efficient. The surgery went smoothly and I was discharged as planned. Dr. Ananda explained the recovery process thoroughly and I  had no problems at any stage during my recovery.

Dr. Ananda’s assistant, Ms Lok, is a polite, friendly and very efficient person.  Truly happy and satisfied with their overall services.

Thank you so much Dr. Ananda for making my dream come true. Truly happy with the  result and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ananda.


Best regards,

Happy Soul


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